What we Do

Justice Codes strives for a fairer and more just criminal justice system. We believe that can be accomplished through a better understanding of how technology can help those with system contact. 

Currently, the criminal justice system is trying to evolve. However, legacy systems, budgetary restraints, and the generally conservative nature of legal and government systems all dovetail into an antiquated bureaucracy. We can do better.

Justice Codes works closely with system stakeholders, startups, legal aid organizations, and other universities to achieve our pursuits. Our core competencies are:

  • Implementing, researching, and evaluating the impact tools are creating in the justice space. We use this as an opportunity to create accessible reports to help stakeholders and developers improve their work.
  • Managing the creation of new tools through the product-cycle for non-profits and government clients.
  • Cataloging and tracking justice tech projects around the globe. At the moment, this is manifested as our #justicetech catalog. If you see something missing, let us know through the link in the catalog. We are building a user friendly site in 2017.
  • Improving public dialogue around novel issues raised by new technologies in the justice system. We held our first symposium at John Jay College in 2016 and have been invited speakers to events put on by the Government Accountability Office, the Legal Services Corp., the National Academy of Sciences. We are also members of the IEEE's Law Committee, which creates general principles regarding AI and the law.

We have an open data, open source, open door policy. If you have any questions or want to float an idea, we want to hear from you. Together we can begin to bring our criminal justice system into the 21st century by making it more humane, fair, and accessible.

Justice Codes is collectively the work of Justice Codes, LLC, a Maryland limited liability corporation, and Justice Codes Non-Profit, a tax exempt Maryland organization.